Takion Platform

Takion is a trading platform that is fueled by technologically-advancedcode and algorithmic smart order routing..

Market Sorter

Takion offers a unique feature in Market Sorter with built-in fully customizable stock filters, allowing traders to find unique trading opportunities in real-time.

Risk Management

Takion’s risk management solution has over 80 columns to choose from. Designed for proprietary trading firms, it meets all the needs of any client. The risk manager is totally customizable and can be sorted instantly by any column.

Stock Locator

Takion has a stock locate platform that enables all users to electronically locate hard-to-borrow (HTB) securities for shorting purposes. With the Takion locator, a client can view all HTBs and sort by over 50 columns like Symbol, Exchange, Cost to Borrow, Trading Status, Circuit Breaker Status, and Shares Already Borrowed.

Key Features

Direct Access Routing

Route orders directly to your preferred market makers and ECNs.

Sophisticated Scanners

Pinpoint trading opportunities using real-time market scanners.

Trade Alerts

Create custom trade alerts to stay on top of the action.

Customizable Hot Keys

Configure your own hotkeys and hot buttons for faster order placement.

Basket Trading

Create, manage, and trade custom basket orders.

API Access

Create unique trading plugins using our API.

Organized Platform

Keep a clean workspace with layers and multiple workspaces.

Real-Time Level 2

Access real-time Level 2 and Time and Sales data.

Takion Platform

The ultimate suite of trading tools