STGM Trader

STGM Trader is a multi-asset trading platform that can support trading of equities, Digital Assets , and crypto options through the:

Mobile App

Web Trader

Desktop Platform

Equities Market Data

All US equities are covered, and we offer real-time quotations as well as pre- and post-market data.

Order Book Aggregation for Crypto

A combined order book from over 15 different cryptocurrency exchanges has been produced by Dynamic. The customer can trade at the best market prices thanks to the aggregated pricing feed.

Trading in Real-Time

On this platform, you can trade US equities alongside cryptocurrencies and crypto options. You can track and trade in multiple asset classes at once on our site.


The organization has a clear view of everyone’s financial standing thanks to our risk management. Each client/group has access to the full range of rules and settings. Differentiating the dangers of bitcoin and stocks is easy to see.

Distributing Market Orders

We offer internal order routing as well as direct market access via our providers. Our network of over 15 cryptocurrency exchanges and private Liquidity Providers allows for seamless order routing.